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Mansoor Al Arayedh
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Mansoor Al Arayedh

Tracing the Company’s foundation and rich aspirations back to the late 19th Century; Mansoor Al Arayedh’s vision, family ideals and wealthy traditions were reinforced through the lifestyle he led and with the birth of his children in the first half of the 20th Century.

From pearl trade to land acquisition, Mansoor Al Arayedh has left his children in 1968 with a wealth of knowledge and exposure, social status and a prominent reputation in the local and regional business communities alike. A son of a merchant himself, Mansoor Al Arayedh,  believed in business diversity and the eminence of education and travelling; a true man of vision who saw beyond the business of the day.

Mohammed Jameel Al Arayedh, the third of Mansoor's children and upon return from England and Lebanon in the 50's, where he received his education, sought to go one step further. By becoming the editor-in-chief of one of the most reputable Bahraini newspapers of the day and exposing himself to unconventional ways of thinking and doing business.

charles belgrave

As a young and energetic entrepreneur, the late Mohammed Jameel was the pioneer of the first fresh dairy milk factory in Bahrain in the ‘50s; purchasing his machinery from England, he ventured into dairy fresh milk bottling and distribution all over Bahrain.

Mohammed Jameel added to his commitment to his father's business a fresh dimension and a strong sense of social responsibility.

He developed the family real estate business and increased its overall wealth.

Furthermore, he was a strong supporter of charitable organizations and anthropological societies. This has earned him a number of awards in appreciation and recognition for his contributions.

The late Mohammed Jameel Al Arayedh was an honorary chairman of Al Arayedh Group Holding (AAGH), where he played an active role in guiding the Group.



To remain among the leading family businesses within the Kingdom of Bahrain that offers competitive expertise and networks, while dynamically diversifying its businesses in Bahrain and beyond. Therefore, maintaining its prominent reputation for the future generation of Al Arayedh Family.



To develop sustainable partnerships with like minded individuals and companies, to raise standards of operations and maintain committed workforce. By using international models of and approaches for family businesses.  


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