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Distinction Training Center opening soon
Distinction Training Center (DTC) will be opening at the beginning of September 2017. It will be receiving Bahraini and International students from several organizations within the government, private sectors, as well as individual job seekers. DTC programs are supported by Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), Tamkeen, and others.

It is worth mentioning that the Training center is part of Alarayedh Group Holding. It is also part of Graduate School of Management based in UK, and has a partnership with Bournemouth University, a prestigious British University.

DTC is providing Business, Cyber security, Computing, Hospitality, and many other courses. The courses seek to develop the knowledge and skills required for middle to senior management positions.

Schools Soon to Open in Al Arayedh Gardens
Al Arayedh Garden Villas will soon open for two Learning Centers; Score Plus and Distinction Training Center. Currently, renovations have just finished and Al Arayedh Group is finalizing the agreement details with the said schools. Score Plus offers various language training courses. Distinction Training Center will be doing the corporate training, Skill Development Trainings and the Personal and office skills development trainings. They offer the courses in the field of Cyber Security, Disaster Management, ICT, Management Leadership and many other streams. The schools will start operating in spring 2017.

Al Arayedh Group Construction for the Four Storey Building Continues
Construction of The Al Arayedh Group building in Sugaya continues. The development of the Landmark four storey building is almost completed and will soon be open for leasing.

The four storey building consists of residential apartments and showrooms. For inquiries, please contact our Property Coordinator, Ms. Diane Ignacio on tel. 17272575

Hospital on Al Arayedh Group Property Now Open
Al Arayedh Group Holding, VKL Holding and Al Namal Group of Companies inaugurated the Middle East Hospital in Sugaya. The Hospital offers highly qualified doctors of different specializations, modern facilities, and top quality medical equipments. The hospital offers a holistic approach to medicine, treating conditions such as pediatric, dental, ophthalmology, diabetes, cardiac, and kidney issues.

Feasibility for Salmabad Land
Al Arayedh Group Holding is in process of doing a feasibility study for the development of land in Salmabad. The plan is to develop warehouses, showrooms, garages and labor camps depending on the final outcome of the study.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Signs a Contract for the Full Construction of the New Five Storey Building
Al Arayedh Group Holding signed a contract with Al Taitoon Construction for the full development of the construction of the new five storey building.

It will be ready for occupancy not later than January 2015.

For any inquiries, please contact our Property Coordinator, Ms. Diane Ignacio

Mr. Nasser Al Arayedh taking part in the Historic visit of His Majesty the King to China
Mr. Nasser Al Arayedh, Chairman of Al Arayedh Group Holding and member of the Bahrain China Businessman Council was part of the high level businessman delegation accompanying His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa during his historic visit to China upon the invitation of the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The official visit was to develop mutual relations and to expand the joint cooperation between the two countries. The visit also included the inauguration of the first China-Arab Exhibition in the city of Yinchuan in Ningxia Hui. In line with this, Al Arayedh Group is looking forward to enhance business correlation with likely minded Chinese companies.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Signs a Contract for the Construction of the Foundation of the New Five Storey Building
Al Arayedh Group Holding signed a contract with Aseeri Contracting for the construction of the foundation of the new five storey building under the supervision of Salah Al Kooheji, the projects main consultant.

Al Arayedh Group Majlis Opens During Ramadan
During the holy month of Ramadan, Chairman Nasser Al Arayedh welcomed guests on Saturdays at Al Arayedh Majilis. His guests included the Ministers, Ambassadors, Government officials, Businessmen, Personal and Media.

The Majlis is an old Bahraini tradition passed on from one generation to another. During these gatherings various topics of interest such as businesses, cultural and social are discussed and point of views exchanged. It is an unofficial way that keeps the business community connected.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Signs a Contract for the Design of a New Five Storey Building
Al Arayedh Group Holding approved the design proposed by Salah Al Kooheji, a leading architectural house within the Kingdom of Bahrain for the new five storey building and signed a contract with them as the project main consultant.

The building is designed to cater both commercial and residential usage. The contemporary facility will feature the ground floor and first floor for showrooms, while the third, fourth & fifth floor will be devoted for flats and commercial offices.

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