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Al Arayedh Group Holding Supports Sacred Heart Church Family Day
Nasser Travel & Tours, a company of Al Arayedh Group has taken part in the Family day event of the Sacred Heart Church on the 3rd of February 2012.

Nasser Travel & Tours supported the charity by contributing financially to the event.

HL Bishop Camillo Ballin Visits Al Arayedh Majlis
HL Bishop Camillo Ballin visited Chairman Mr. Nasser Al Arayedh at the Al Arayedh Majlis during his short trip to Bahrian.

Chairman Nasser Al Arayedh welcomed the Bishop to Bahrain, discussed various topics of mutual concern and explored methods of cooperation.

The Bishop thanked Mr. Nasser Al Arayedh and the Al Arayedh family for their warm welcome and support during his visit to Bahrain.

Al Arayedh Group Staff Party
Al Arayedh Group showed its appreciation to its Al Arayedh Group Holding staff by holding its annual staff party on the 25th December 2011. The party was organized to honor the staffs' tireless support and hard work through 2011.

It was attended by Chairman, Mr Nasser Al Arayedh and Director, Ms Jehan Al Arayedh, some family members and staff of Al Arayedh Group.

The Chairman sincerely thanked every member of staff and wished them growth and prosperity through 2012.

Britain's War Heroes visit Al Arayedh Majlis
Honorary Chairman MJ Al Arayedh hosted an afternoon tea reception for the three (3) Britain's War Heroes over the Remembrance Day Weekend, at Al Arayedh Majlis, during their official visit to Bahrain on 15th November 2011.

"The Chelsea Pensioners" as they are commonly known due to their residence in the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, United Kingdom - fall under the auspices of the Royal British Legion, a UK charity that provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Signs Agreement with BMS
Al Arayedh Group has signed a contract with Bahrain Media Services (BMS) for the sign boards located in Bogowa, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway.

Bahrain Media W.L.L (BMS) is a leading media advertising company established in April 2004; which started with outdoor advertisements and expanded into press advertising.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Participates in the Silver Jubilee of The Sharon Fellowship Church
Al Arayedh Group was represented by Board Director Ms Jehan MJ Al Arayedh in the Silver Jubilee and Thanksgiving Meeting of The Sharon Fellowship Church on 15th October 2011.

The Sharon Fellowship Church is one of the leading Gospel Churches in Bahrain.

The group under the titular head of Mr MJM Al Arayedh was thanked for the excellent facility, where the Church is located.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Supports Charity Fashion Show
Nasser Travel & Tours of Al Arayedh Group has taken part in the Charity Fashion Show that showcased a charity bazaar and sponsored by Mother & Child Welfare Society, on 12 October 2011.

Nasser Travel & Tours supported the charity by donating a prize for the event.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Supports the Rotary Club of Manama
Al Arayedh Group of Companies sponsored the Rotary Club of Manama luncheon meeting at the Gulf Hotel, to support the raising of funds towards the welfare of the Disabled Athletes Association, on 25th September 2011.

The fund raising event was attended by the President of Bahrain Disabled Sports Federation, HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Support To Charities
During the first half of 2011, Al Arayedh Group, through its subsidiaries, has given generous support as part of its social responsibility, to a number of charitable institutions / societies in Bahrain, such as:

Al Manar Home Care Charity
American Mission Hospital
Bahrain Disabled Sport Federation
Child Care Home
Rotary Club of Salmaniya
Sacred Heart Church Family Day

Donations are made as part of its program of active involvement in the support of charity works of groups and institutions, through the subsidiaries of the Group.

Al Arayedh Group Holding Congratulates Al Namal Group
Al Arayedh Group congratulates Al Namal Group on the inauguration of the Al Namal Group Building located at Segayah. The development is a lease agreement between Al Namal Group and Al Arayedh Group Holding.

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